41. In the Unlikely Event (Judy Blume)


Judy Blume books were among my favourite stories while I was growing up – in fact, I still have some well-loved, dog-eared and yellowed copies of Superfudge, Blubber and Are You There God, Its Me Margaret.  The audience for her stories ranges from elementary school-aged children to adults and she has a gift of connecting with her readers.  This 77 year old author is able to speak to the reader like a friend, writing about issues that affect us all.  In the Unlikely Event, is her 29th novel and is written for an adult audience.

This fictional book was based Blume’s experience living in 1950s Elizabeth, New York when there were three separate plane crashes in a short period of time.  The main character, Miri, reflects back on the horror of the crashes, the deaths of both passengers and those on the ground, and the lasting trauma to those left behind.  The story weaves many characters, including generations of Miri’s family, friends and those that died in the crash.  Because of the large number of characters, many who had very limited involvement in the story, it was a bit difficult to keep track of them  yet their stories added to the drama and chaos of the times.

Although the story was written for adults, I could see teenaged girls reflecting on the issues that Miri dealt with:  a single mother, living with her grandmother, a first boyfriend and a blended family.  This honest reflection of life is Judy Blume’s trademark that I remember from Are You There God, Its Me Margaret, Deenie and Forever.  Judy continues writing like the friend next door, the confidant and with great understanding of what the reader may be experiencing.

I enjoyed this novel and I am very lucky to have tickets to meet Judy Blume at the Toronto Reference Library at the end of June.  I am hopeful to get a picture with this wonderful author and have my book signed at the event so you can look forward to a blog post about this event.  The free tickets “sold” out quickly and I am sure that there will be an audience full of women who grew up with the iconic stories of Judy Blume!

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6 Responses to 41. In the Unlikely Event (Judy Blume)

  1. Jan Chappell says:

    What a coincidence! I just put this audiobook (ebook) on hold yesterday at the library in Fort Myers! I think there’s 6 people ahead of me so I won’t be listening to it in the next week, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m too old to have read Judy Blume’s books in my childhood, but why not start now! I’m a machine quilter so I like to listen to books while I sew. How did you get the Anne of Green Gables and other classic audiobooks free?


    • I hope that you enjoy it! Judy Blume writes like a friend and confidante.

      The Anne of Green Gables books are free as podcasts on Librivox. This site has individuals that volunteer to read – the Anne of Green Gables readers were great but the Little Women readers were different for most chapters which was hard to listen to. You can download them to your phone through podcasts quite easily. This site only has stories that are no longer under copyright protection so is limited. I am really enjoying the Anne of Green Gables – i realize that i only read the first 3 so the latter stories of Anne as an adult are new.


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