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Reading has always been a favourite past time.  When I was young, I would make weekly trips to the library, checking out a large pile of books and spending days reading in the hammock.

Today, reading is a break, it is my “me time” and a habit that I am trying to share with my children.  Instead of turning on the TV, it is so relaxing to pick up a book and learn, enjoy and think!

Check out my recent interview on the Candy Palmater show talking about my love of books and my Franklin Street Little Free Library:  http://www.cbc.ca/radio/candy/the-candy-palmater-show-for-june-24-2016-1.3650941/full-time-nurse-part-time-tiny-free-library-builder-susan-gibson-shares-her-reading-list-1.3650997

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  1. Thanks Sasha – I am glad you are enjoying the blog posts.

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  2. Alan says:

    Just listened to your CBC interview,great stuff. Great way to end the night.

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  3. Maya says:

    Hi there! I was at your presentation at Assumption College today and you mentioned a book on mental health but didn’t like how the illness was portrayed. I wanted to recommend a book to you. I’m reading “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini. It’s about a teen boy that wants to commit suicide, but instead emits himself into a mental hospital. For a book about depression and suicide, it’s quite upbeat. So far, I’m enjoying it and I think it would be a good book to write about!


    • Thanks Maya! I will have a look for this one and appreciate you recommendation! Have you read All the Bright Places? I am not sure it has a happy ending but my daughter really enjoyed it. Thanks for participating today and for reaching out! 🙂


      • Maya says:

        No I haven’t but I heard it’s a good book. I’d love to read it! Any books about mental health (mostly depression) I like to read because it’s very easy for me to connect with the characters. Thank you!


  4. canadada says:

    Hi Susan, Your blog is so great! — I was wondering if you ever consider indie Canadian historical fiction? My third novel, Trillium, has just released and I’d be honoured if you would review it with your trademark wit and wisdom! Spanning 250 years, Trillium looks at the evolution of 3 families within the wine-making district of Niagara. Here’s the Amazon.ca link> https://amzn.to/2q0iEeL — I can supply you with an e-Arc if willing! Launches, formally, at the Art Gallery of Hamilton at the end of March. All best, Keep Reading & Writing! — mlholton


    • i am sorry for the late reply! I would love to read your book but in fairness might not be able to get to it soon as i have a huge pile of TBR books. I work in the nIagara region so that sounds like an interesting storyline!

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