Canada Reads

Canada Reads is an exciting time of year for CanLit lovers!  It combines the passion of literary contests with the excitement and strategy of a game show.  Does the best written book win?  The most popular book?  Perhaps not, books might get voted off early by debaters with a strategy to save their own skin… errr… covers.  Regardless of the winner, Canada Reads gets Canadians buying books, reading books and talking about books which is an amazing feat!

CBC radio began this “battle of the books” in 2012 and each year a theme is chosen along with 5 personalities to defend each of 5 books.  The debates take place over 4 days and at the end of each day, a book is voted off until one book remains which all Canadian’s should read.

As I researched this post, it was great to learn that the publisher of the winning book donates a portion of their proceeds to charity!

Canada Reads 2018 – Finale

Canada Reads 2018 – Day 3

Canada Reads 2018 – Day 2

Canada Reads 2018 – Day 1

Canada Reads 2018 – Let the Debates Begin

CanadaReads 218 – BPL Edition

Canada Reads 2017 – Fun Facts 

Canada Reads 2017 – After the Finale

Canada Reads 2017 – Finale Recap

Canada Reads 2017 – Finale Pre-show

Canada Reads 2017 – Day 3

Canada Reads 2017 – Day 2

Canada Reads 2017 – Day 1

Canada Reads 2017 – Let the Debates Begin

Canada Reads 2016 – Wrap Up