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94. Fast Food Genocide (Joel Fuhrman)

I had read Eat to Live years ago and did learn from the follow up Fast Food Genocide.  It was written by Joel Fuhrman and I enjoyed the audio version which has inspired me to add more meatless meals to … Continue reading

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92. Make Your Bed (Admiral William H. McRaven)

A colleague lent me her copy of Make Your Bed:  Little Things that Can Change Your Life… And Maybe The World.  It is a concise, easy to read manuscript of tips that he described at a 2014 graduation address at … Continue reading

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91. Zero Waste Home (Bea Johnson)

One of my goals, this year, was to listen to more books during my commutes.  I find that listening to non-fiction is sometimes a bit easier than complicated storylines with multiple characters.  If it is too detailed, I find it … Continue reading

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65. I Found You (Lisa Jewell)

I Found You was our  “summer read” selection for book club in August.  It is the 13th mystery written by Lisa Jewell and begins when a harried single mom finds a lost man sitting on the beach outside her cottage. … Continue reading

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64. How to Be Bawse (Lilly Singh)

“This journey has taught me to always pick yourself up, not allow anything to stand in your way and that the only secret to achieving your dreams is hard work.” I had never heard of Lilly Singh until meeting Humble … Continue reading

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42. The Weekend Effect (Katrina Onstad)

The weekends always seem to disappear in a blur.  Hours pass running the kids to the pool, watching swim meets and getting organized for the busy week ahead.  Saturday and Sunday are packed full of activities with little time to, as … Continue reading

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41. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca Skloot)

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks tells the intertwined stories of Henrietta, a poor, black woman who died of cervical cancer, the ongoing saga of her cells and the struggles of the remaining Lacks family.  Henrietta was mourned by her husband and … Continue reading

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29. One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter (Scaachi Koul)

This self-deprecating, honest and humorous collection of essays was an eye-opening and reflective piece of writing sharing the experience of a self-proclaimed “brown girl” growing up as an “outsider” in Canada.  I was lucky to receive this advanced reader copy through … Continue reading

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19. Real Food Fake Food (Larry Olmsted)

Real Food, Fake Food was a very long book to listen to during my commutes.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time and the first time that I borrowed it from the library and it was automatically returned.  It was tempting … Continue reading

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8. Damned Nations (Samantha Nutt)

“My aim is simply to introduce a process of critical reflection considering our own actions and deeds, and how, collectively, we are so often implicated in horrific acts of violence, around the world while our personal interventions rarely do more … Continue reading

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