Happy Birthday Judy Blume!!

IMG_5911In honour of Judy Blume’s birthday, I am posting links to a couple of her books along with my blog post from her appearance at the Toronto Reference Library.

I feel like I grew up with Judy Blume, starting with Freckle Juice and the Fudge series and later graduating to Blubber and Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.  As I aged, her books seemed to advance with perfect timing for what I wanted to read.  As a a teen, I enjoyed the more daring Tiger Eyes and impatiently waited my turn for the library’s copy of Forever which was a hot commodity at my school!  As an adult, I have enjoyed Summer Sisters and her more recent publication In the Unlikely Event.

Judy Blume has always understood her audience, writing what some might consider difficult topics.  She wrote what teens wanted and needed to read about and subjects that might have been considered taboo in some houses.  She is one of my favourite authors and I wish her a very happy birthday!!!

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