40. Anne’s House of Dreams (Lucy M. Montgomery)


Spending so much time commuting has been more enjoyable as I listen to the Canadian best-selling series of Anne of Green Gables.  I had never read the 5th story, Anne’s House of Dreams and it did not disappoint.  It was full of interesting characters, happiness and sorrow.

Anne and Gilbert marry and move to their rented House of Dreams.   Gilbert takes over his Uncle’s medical practice and they become enmeshed in their new community making friends with Captain Jim, Miss Cordelia and Leslie.  Anne, becomes intimately involved in their lives and has a way of helping things turn out for the best.  Marilla is a minor character who comes to visit during this tale.

The young couple start their family and the book ends as they move to their newly purchased home.  I know that not everyone may be interested in these classics but they really are book every Canadian should read.  The next in the series is Anne of Ingleside which I can’t find as a podcast.

Currently, I am finishing The Unlikely Event (a book written for adults by the 77 year old Judy Blume) and will blog about it later this weekend in preparation to seeing my favourite childhood author in Toronto at the end of June.   After that I have the Second Life (by the author of Before I Go to Sleep) the second book in the Queen of the Tearling Series (Invasion of the Tearling).  What are you reading?  Any suggestions?

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