9. Love Lives Here (Amanda Jette Knox)

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 9.18.39 AMWow!!  What a loving family. I am thankful that they were willing to share their story, their challenges, their knowledge and their love with others.

The author, Amanda, endured struggles in her teens – with bullying, alcohol.  She got treatment, met the love of her life,  had 3 children together – happily ever after, right?  No, life continued to throw challenges and when one of her children came out as transgender the family learned and supported their daughter through many difficulties, even moving schools, dealing with trolls yet always loving and supporting their child.

As their brave child worked through many challenges, Amanda’s husband was working though his own story.  He had been unhappy, depressed and the marriage was at risk.  A year later, he bravely admitted that he too was in the wrong body.  Not only that, they adopted a teenaged daughter who had been bounced around in the foster system sharing their love and becoming a family of 6!

As part of the Canada Reads long-list, it is another book that will move readers to a place of understanding and, hopefully, less judgement than seems to exist in society.   It did not win a place on the short-list I am thankful to have read, learned and witnessed the love of a family through this book.

Need to know more?  check out her website here.

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