11. 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste (Kathryn Kellogg)

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 10.58.43 AMWith the thought of protecting our environment, in January, I read a library copy of 101 Ways to go Zero Waste.  Although full of good ideas, this book was really a review of similar zero waste books and reinforced what our family is already doing to save the environment.

We are already using shampoo bars (love the ones from LUSH), reusable vegetable and grocery bags and make our coffee (reusable filter) and tea (loose) at home.  We consider our purchases and are fastidious about composting and recycling.

One great idea, from the book, that i will try (once we flatten the curve and COVID19 is no longer impacting our day-to-day lives) is bringing my own container to  take out restaurants to reduce garbage.

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1 Response to 11. 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste (Kathryn Kellogg)

  1. I also just read a book (The Buy Nothing, Get Everything Plan) related to the zero waste topic. Since moving to Vancouver, I’ve found it easier to practice these principles. I love being able to get groceries from zero waste shops, as conventional groceries are where I generate most of my garbage. I know I can still do better, so I will keep an eye out for this book!


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