Finale – Pre-show: Canada Reads

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By now, everyone knows that Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis is the 2017 winner of Canada Reads.  This exciting, engaging battle of the books was waged with 5 dedicated defenders each promoting great Canadian Literature.  Each day was full of surprises, fun and sometimes moments that left us scratching our heads and pondering responses.  Today was no different although the tone and camaraderie seemed to have settled into a more mutually respectful approach by all.


After a very exciting day as part of the studio audience of the Canada Reads finale with my friends Kim, May, Alison, Kristen and meeting a new friend Paul as we waited in line, I have had some technical difficulties so am just posting a brief update and will add more detail and photos on Friday.  In the meantime, here are a couple of photos before the show.


Paul, Kim, Susan, May Kristen


Kristen, Allison, Kim, Susan & May waiting for the show to begin!

Please watch for my recap of the debate and pictures with Candy, Humble, Jody and the talented Andre Alexis!

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  1. Naomi says:

    That was a great question you asked at the show! It was fun spotting you. 🙂

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