4. good food, bad food (Abby Langer, RD)

Sadly, I have read a lot of diet and “healthy eating” books over the years. I was a teen in the 80s thinking about my weight, eating salads and got caught up in the sugar free era of diet Cokes and sugar free yogurt. This book is a no nonsense, healthy antidote to all of the diet industry books and programs that have caused stress and unreasonable expectations for a generation of Canadians.

The book speaks to moderation, eating less processed food, keeping balance in mind and including lots of veggies. It discourages restrictive diets that makes us want eat more and it encourages readers to rethink their relationship with food.

This book is written by a registered dietician from Toronto and explains science in an easy to understand way with a bit of humour and a lot of common sense!!

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