5. The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins)


Looking for a mysterious tale of murder, deceit and lies that keeps you guessing?  The Girl on the Train fits these criteria.  It slowly sucks the reader in until it is difficult to put the book down until the very end.

Rachel rides the train to London every day.  She lives in an alcoholic haze as she imagines the lives of the couple that she watches in the row houses.  She is keenly interested in what is happening in these houses as she reflects on her past when she lived in one of them – the one down the road where her ex-husband, Tom, lives with his wife Anna and their baby.  She watches the couple’s idyllic life, feeling like she knows them until the woman, Megan disappears.  The missing woman comes as a shock but Rachel feels that she is part of the situation and Rachel’s life changes as she becomes known as an ‘unreliable witness’ by the investigators.  As she watched from the train, she had learned about the couple and eagerly shares these details with both the police and Scott, the husband.

Rachel feels that she has been somehow involved in the night that Megan went missing and tries to regain the blacked out periods she attributes to alcohol.  As she tries to get her life straightened out, she tries to help solve this case and starts having flashbacks from that night.  The murderer is discovered as more lies are revealed and as much as I would like to talk about it, I don’t want to share a spoiler!

The book reminds me of Gone Girl.  It keeps the reader guessing and pondering the flaws of each character.  The tale has received a lot of hype and it does not disappoint as the story is slowly told by different narrators.  I just hope that the pending movie does the book justice!

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