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26. Every Note Played (Lisa Genova)

Lisa Genova is best known for the heart breaking novel Still Alice which describes a brilliant woman diagnosed with early onset dementia.  Her fictional stories highlight diseases which impacts many individuals and their loved ones.  In Every Note Played she … Continue reading


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22. Inside the O’Brien’s (Lisa Genova)

In preparation for May’s book club, I just finished Inside the O’Brien’s by Lisa Genova.  In her newly released novel, the author tells the heartbreaking tale of an Irish Catholic family, living in Boston, impacted by Huntington Disease.  The story brings the … Continue reading

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19. love anthony (Lisa Genova)

Thanks to Laura, who recommended this book!  It was a great read for the long weekend.  It combined the story of a mother (Olivia) grieving the loss of her son who had autism and the tale of a wife (Beth) … Continue reading

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