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28. Fifteen Dogs (Andre Alexis)

Fifteen Dogs has been a prolific winner, taking home the prize for the 2017 Canada Reads, the 2015 Giller Prize and the 2015 Rogers Trust Award.  After enjoying the final debate of Canada Reads and meeting Andre Alexis, I decided to … Continue reading

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Finale Recap: Canada Reads

It has been an exciting week for book lovers across Canada!  Over a million listeners have tuned in to Canada Reads to witness the drama, frustration, excitement, passion, laughter and enthusiasm for 5 great books.  Many Canadians have been reading and … Continue reading


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Canada Reads

Who is joining me to read the five books being debated for the CBC’s 2017 Canada Reads?  The debates begin a month from tomorrow and the books are a diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction including: Fifteen Dogs ( written by Andre Alexis … Continue reading

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National Dog Day Book Suggestions

It is National Dog Day today so in celebration of my beautiful boxer Dixie and faithful canine friends everywhere , I am reposting The Art of Racing in the Rain and a couple of other links to reviews of books with … Continue reading

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17. Fifteen Dogs (Andre Alexis)

Fifteen Dogs, the 2015 Giller Prize winner, is our March Book club pick.  It is a unique story of fifteen unrelated dogs who are within a veterinary clinic when the Greed Gods, Hermes and Apollo decide to give human consciousness and … Continue reading

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