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Seven Fallen Feathers by Tanya Talaga

Seven Fallen Feathers is a book that ALL Canadians need to read. The book tells the story of seven students who moved to Thunder Bay to attend high school and died. It also describes the impacts and experiences of systemic … Continue reading

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Don’t just “read the North”, learn from some amazing Indigenous authors. Post 1: Richard Wagamese

Hi all, my blog has been dormant as life has been busy and although I have been reading, I have just been adding brief reviews to my Goodreads account. Today, I need to speak up and share some of the … Continue reading

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Canada Reads 2020

While the CBC studio was devoid of book loving spectators, it was full of discussion, passion, strong personalities…  and 5 great books!  Canada Reads is a wonderful event that is part game show and part literary event which gets Canadians … Continue reading

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March Book Blitz

27.  American Dirt (Cummins, Jeannie) Despite the raging controversy, American Dirt is a difficult book to put down. It starts with unbelievable violence that leaves Lydia and her son with one option, to take their chances on La Bestia (riding … Continue reading

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February Book Blitz

As readers will notice, I have fallen behind in my posts.  Returning to work in February and the subsequent COVID19 pandemic have kept me distracted but I continue to read.  In an effort to catch up, I will do a … Continue reading

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10. NDN Coping Mechanisms (Billy-Ray Belcourt)

First of all, I am disclosing that I am not the best connoisseur of poetry.  Sure I can still recite Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening but I recognize that I am probably missing some of the beauty … Continue reading

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Book Club Chat with Jesse Thistle

At a time when connection is a challenge, our book club enjoyed a thought-provoking “zoom” chat with Canada Reads, long-listed, author and professor, Jesse Thistle, this evening.  We appreciated his time, his humour, his honesty and openness as he shared … Continue reading

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2019 Review

Followers will realize that I have been delinquent in my posts for 2019.  I started of posting and meant to catch up but then life happened…  After taking a break, here is my list of 2019 reads. Have you read … Continue reading

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Canada Reads – Finale

What an amazing day!!  What could be better than spending a great day with fellow book lovers including my daughter and friends at Canada Reads?  After a bit of panic with a delay on the highway, we made it to … Continue reading

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2018 Review – update

For those of you that read my posts by email please note that the wonderful books that I have recommended seem to be mixed with those that I would suggest avoiding so please read the post here.

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