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Canada Reads: BPL Edition

Canada Reads:  BPL Edition has inspired, prepared and motivated a group of readers for CBC’s Canada Reads. It has helped the audience to consider which book is the one book to open your eyes and deserves to be the “literary survivor“. … Continue reading

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Elan Mastai – Grimsby Author Series

Elan Mastai is a screenwriter who wrote his first screen play during university.  He wrote his first novel, All Our Wrong Todays which was described as “a thrilling tale of time travel”. He created the 2016 that people in the 1950s … Continue reading

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Canada Reads – Short list Announced

As followers of the blog know, I LOVE Canada Reads!  This annual debate celebrates books by Canadian authors. Its’ game show format can be cutthroat at times but encourages Canadians to read books that they may not otherwise read! What … Continue reading

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2017: A Year in Review

As we leave 2017, it is time to reflect on a year of reading and I will share a few highlights from 2017.  Although my stretch goal had been to read 125 books I completed the year with just 106 … Continue reading

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Set a goal for 2018!

Greetings readers, as we finish of 2017 and start thinking about goals for the new year, I am sharing an older blog post to help inspire more reading!  Did I miss anything?  How do you squeeze in more time to … Continue reading

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Roberta Bondar: U of Guelph Leaders Pushing Boundaries

We can describe Roberta Bondar in many ways – astronaut, hero, neurologist, leader, scientist, role model, photographer, author, advocate for the environment, but what stands out is her enthusiasm, work ethic, optimism and commitment to lifelong learning. “Your life is … Continue reading

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94. Fast Food Genocide (Joel Fuhrman)

I had read Eat to Live years ago and did learn from the follow up Fast Food Genocide.  It was written by Joel Fuhrman and I enjoyed the audio version which has inspired me to add more meatless meals to … Continue reading

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85. Calm (Michael Acton Smith)

Life is so hectic.  Days are filled with work, carpool, errands leaving little time to relax and enjoy an evening with family.  It seems that we are constantly running and need to take time to be mindful, reflect and be … Continue reading

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Happiness/Communication Blitz (Books 79-80, 82)

79.  Happier (Tal Ben-Shahar) “The journey is more important than the destination” Returning to work in September, Happier was my first audio book for commuting after I discovered (thanks Alison P) Hoopla.  The book focused on enhancing happiness through positive … Continue reading

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67. Juliet in August (Dianne Warren)

As part of my Cross-Canada Reading challenge, Juliet in August met the requirements for a book set in Saskatchewan.  It was the winner of the 2010 Governor General award and has also been published with the title of Cool Water. … Continue reading

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