2. State of Terror (Clinton, Hillary Rodham & Penny, Louise)

For some reason, I struggled to open State of Terror, the first book club read of 2022. Perhaps it was my lack of focus in the New Year, competing priorities or just that I am not usually drawn to political thrillers… but once I got started, it was a compelling story with plot twists in the midst of political diplomacy, terrorism and mystery.

In true Louise Penny style, it felt like the reader was getting to know the characters and even Gamache made an appearance from Three Pines, Quebec!

I loved learning more about the genesis of this book from their acknowledgements at the end and had not realized that Penny and Clinton were friends. It is interesting to note that a number of character names are based on their own friends.

I am looking forward to chatting about this book… despite that fact that we will be back to virtual book club this week!

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