8. The Governance Core (Campbell and Fullan)

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 8.32.29 AMThe Governance Code:  School Boards, Superintendents and Schools Working together is a collection of leadership suggestions tailored specifically to school boards. This would have been a great book to read prior to starting as a trustee and was a helpful reminder of the board and staff working together towards a collective goal for students.

While it had some great tips, my only suggestion would be to have a more Canadian focus since it referenced Canadian and American school boards (ie. reference provinces not state)!

If anyone is thinking of running for a position of school board trustee this would be a great book to read to understand the roles of the trustees (governance), the roles of superintendents (operations and leadership) and work together to ensure responsible leadership that focusses on students.

While I read this book in January, it would be interesting to consider some of this advice in the present time of COVID19, with schools closed and a quick pivot to online learning (thank you teachers, principals, superintendents)!

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