6. 21 Things You Might Not Know about the Indian Act (Bob Joseph)

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 10.43.13 AMAs part of a read indigenous challenge on the CanadianContent goodreads site, this was an eye opening read.  It is a starting point to do better. It is a call of action reminding readers and the government of the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations and a wake up call for individuals to have a greater understanding of Canadian history.

Working in health care, I have experienced the call to action by completing cultural competency education.  It replaces the stereotypes and history which was taught public school with the harsh facts of residential schools, Indian hospitals and the ongoing impacts of the Indian Act which still exists today.

After reading this book, it is hard to believe the terrible language and sentiments of the governments with a goal  to “kill the Indian” in the children mandated to attend residential schools. It also makes me question the progress on the truth and reconciliation recommendations.

The content was helpful and informing but admittedly, it was a dry (but important) read. Perhaps adding some individual testimony would have helped readers to really understand the true impact.  For fictional books on this topic, I would recommend reading anything by the late Richard Wagamese who lived a life impacted by the decisions of others.

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