5. Broken Man on a Halifax Pier (Lesley Choice)

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 9.49.46 AMBroken Man on a Halifax Pier was a quick read about a man, broken, jobless and behind in his rent, who meets a woman on the pier.  She is named Ramona and swoops into his life, pulling him out of his listless state to build a relationship and face the challenges of past, present and future.

Drugs, a gun, fights, arrests, near drownings, death and a terrible storm combine with decades of with family drama to keep the reader engaged.  Broken Man on a Halifax Pier is an enjoyable read which blends every day challenges of life with the power and danger of living near the ocean in hurricane season.

There is a small part of me that wants to give the tent trailer a second chance and head back East to spend more time in Nova Scotia (and actually get to Halifax) after last year’s “adventure” which could rival a Chevy Chase summer vacation!  I might need to read a few more books tempting me to travel east first… and get the tent trailer home as it is still vacationing in Cape Breton!!!

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1 Response to 5. Broken Man on a Halifax Pier (Lesley Choice)

  1. Oh, do try to keep that small part alive. Fan the flames with more Atlantic Canadian lit – I’m full of ideas for you.

    And, although many people find Halifax the ‘best’ (often only) part of Nova Scotia, I can personally vouch for the North Shore. 😉


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