3. The Cheese Trap (Barnard, Neal D)

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 1.45.02 PMI have to admit that I really did not want to read The Cheese Trap.  I did not want to learn that cheese is something I need to be wary of or limit.  I wanted to read about how delicious cheese is, how it provides protein and how it helps my bone density.

Alas, The Cheese Trap shared how dairy is really meant for baby cows – NOT humans.  It shared that the estrogen in dairy is from lactating cows, that are not feeding their own babies, to produce dairy products for humans (providing excess estrogen to people).  It described how eating a slice of cheese on a sandwich is like eating 8, yes I typed 8, slices of bacon!  What?!?  That sounds ridiculous and sandwiches just don’t seem complete without a slice of cheese!

The book talked about how addictive cheese is and as I have limited my cheese intake (but oh how I miss it), it is difficult to pass up cheese as a quick way to tame my hunger.

Sadly, it seems that all the nutrition knowledge gleaned from elementary school, highschool and nursing school needs to be thrown out replaced be research promoting a mostly plant-based diet.  Saying good-bye to favourites like baked goods, breads, added sugar sugar, saturated fats and… sadly, cheese!

Recommended by my family doctor, The Cheese Trap was an informative read and although a lot of the research resonates, it will be a big lifestyle change to reduce, yes, I said reduce as I don’t think that I could ever completely eliminate cheese!

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