Canada Reads – Day 3

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Canada Reads is down to the final two.  Both books are non-fiction and both tell harrowing tales, one of the horror of the Holocaust and the other the plight of a young refugee whose family had fled Iraq to the safety of Syria only to be plunged into more danger.

Both stories are told by remarkable individuals who have show great resilience and strength.  Both stories need to be shared.  Readers need to understand, reflect and make the world a better place.

Sadly, Brother was voted off today.  It was a story that also needs to be told.  I loved the beautiful prose and appreciate understanding the challenges of immigrant families (particularly this single mom who struggled to support her family, working diligently yet not able to be home when her boys may have needed her) in Toronto.

The Canada Reads t-shirts are here and our group is very excited to be part of the studio audience tomorrow!!  Tune in at 11!!

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1 Response to Canada Reads – Day 3

  1. I was sad to see Brother voted off, too. I haven’t heard who won today, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post!


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