Canada Reads – Day 2

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Day 2 was full of great discussion and I was sad to see Suzanne be voted off.  Although it was difficult to like the actions and decisions of Suzanne, it was a book that did move me to consider the lack of choice for women at a time when the expectation was to be a wife and mother.  The book was a beautifully written collection of vignettes spanning the lifetime of experiences of Suzanne.  Not only did I like the story, but the book nerd in me appreciated the quality, linen like, thick pages printed by Coach Books (much like Fifteen Dogs).

The next two days will be exciting.  The remaining books seem quite evenly matched although the defenders of By Chance Alone and Brother seem to have stronger debating skills and a greater comfort level in the high tension atmosphere of a live audience situation.

Bring on Day 3 and I am looking forward to being part of the audience on Day 4 when the winner will be chosen!

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5 Responses to Canada Reads – Day 2

  1. LizM says:

    The two I read are still remaining. By Chance Alone gets my vote, but Brothers was amazing considering how the novel came to be. It also has an impact to young Canadians , as it might be the story of the new Canadian sitting beside them in class.


  2. lauratfrey says:

    Oo yes I love those thick pages in books like Fifteen Dogs!! I’m rooting for Brother, though not tuning in this year… haven’t enjoyed the format of the show in recent years.


  3. That’s the thing about Canada Reads, isn’t it? The debating skills are as important as the book itself. I’m anxious to hear what today has brought


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