2. Remember Us (Lindsay Blake/Layne James)

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 2.30.22 PMDid I tell you that my friend Layne has written a book?  How amazing is that??  She is a busy mom, photographer and has recently went back to school to finish a masters program… yet somehow, she has found time to write and publish a book!!!

Remember us is a story full of challenging family dynamics.  Feelings and frustrations escalate  when Reese and her brother Ben return home to care for their father who has been diagnosed with cancer.  As they struggle to care for him, their estranged mother arrives and turns their lives upside down as she attempts to rekindle relationships and make amends after being absent for thirteen years.

The characters are quirky and readers have to wonder how much of these antics are pulled from real life situations?  This story follows Reese who struggles to answer questions such as whether to forgive her mom?  Which love interest to choose?  How to move forward with her life?

If it is not enough that the characters come together in their family home, they take off on a road trip in a rust volkswagen bus.  I don’t want to share any spoilers so I will end this review sharing that there was a bit of a shocker towards the end which leaves readers pondering.

Support a local author!!  Ask for Remember Us at the library, or buy a copy from Coles or Chapters.  Layne lives locally and is excited to join book clubs for discussion and I am looking forward to my May book club where we can get our books signed and ask questions about the writing experience, specifically the challenges in writing a book with a friend.

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