2018: A Year of Books Review

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It seems that 2018 has flown by!  It was an year of less reading, many exiting author events and a hectic pace as I successfully ran for school board trustee (hence less reading).

Did I meet all my reading goals?  Not quite, but I am still pleased to have read 90 books in 2018.  Of this reading, 51 books were written by Canadian authors (57% of my overall reading).  A third of my reading was non-fiction and I listened to 14 books  which kept me engaged as I commuted.

My friend, Kim, had a goal of meeting 50 authors in 2018 as a way of celebrating her 50th birthday.  Although I am not quite at this milestone, it was a fun challenge and I had fun meeting 55 authors.

I had a great time at the Canada Reads finale with friends from my in person and online book clubs (and am looking forward to the 2019 long-list announcement on January 10th).


Another fantastic event was the FOLD (Festival of Literary Diversity) where I got to meet Kim Thuy (author of Ru, VI, Man), Shannon Bala (The Boat People) and Tanya Talaga (Seven Fallen Feathers).

Over the year, my author highlights included:

  • Lisa Genova
  • David Chariandy
  • Thomas King
  • Paula McLain
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Kate Morton

as well as my husband’s favourite authors:

  • Daniel Silva (the biggest event I have ever attended with 1000 people appreciating this spy thriller author in a Toronto synogogue)
  • Ian Rankin

If you are looking for recommendations to read in 2019, I would suggest:


You can’t win them all so here are a few books that I would suggest passing on:


Overall, 2018 was a great year of reading, book events, book club meetings, online discussion and books in general.  Here’s to more great books and events in 2019!!!

What were your book highlights and lowlights of 2018?  Please comment below!


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5 Responses to 2018: A Year of Books Review

  1. 55 authors! That sounds like a fun year, to be able to attend so many author events. I attended one of the Richard Wagamese celebrations but I still haven’t read Starlight – I better make it a priority for 2019. Happy New Year!


  2. So for some reason I stopped receiving my email notifications of new blog posts from your blog? Then I received one on Friday. I just assumed you had to stop blogging for some reason… I apologize for not stopping by.

    That is so awesome that you met Margaret Atwood! What a legend!

    I met Kate Morton this year too! Was it on her The Clockmaker’s Daughter book tour?

    People of the Book has been on my TBR for a LONG time! I’ve heard really good things.

    I’ve also heard really bad things about Flat Broke… You are not alone in your feelings there.


    • Nice to hear from you Amanda. I had taken a break as I ran for school board trustee which kept me very busy.

      I need to catch up on your blog also. 🙂

      It was amazing to meet Margaret Atwood and Kate Morton was on her tour. It was a free event at a library about an hour away. I have a lot of author events to blog about at some point.

      people of the book was terrific. So was Educated if you have not read it yet.

      Take care!!


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