39. Sister of Mine (Laurie Petrou)

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.42.44 PMThank you to Harper Collins for sharing a review copy of Sister of Mine for an honest review.  

Sister of Mine is a book that should be read in one sitting.  It is a page turner and it is great to read glimpses of the town of Grimsby in the descriptions of St. Margaret’s.  The novel  is a story of sisters, of loyalty and of secrets.  The crime is reported on the first page leading the reader in a struggle to understand what happened leading up to the fire as they discover the complex relationship the sisters share.

Penny and Hattie are bound together through loss and secrets.  Their father had disappeared,  their mother died, they are well-known in their small, lakeside town.   When a fire saved Hattie from her terrible husband, the sisters were bound closer by their past and their secrets leading to resentment, bitterness and settling the score.

It is difficult to say more about this book without risking spoilers so I will suggest this book for a beach day, a lazy afternoon or a quiet evening at home.

Looking to learn more about the author?  Check out my blog post from the latest Grimsby Author Series event with Laurie Petrou, who spends her mornings writing at the Station 1 Coffeehouse in Grimsby.

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  1. BARBARA PERRY says:

    Dear Susan, Please accept my appreciative thanks as you have decided to run for The Board of Education. This is a very demanding position, and hopefully it will be rewarding to you as well. Your passion for literature will certainly be reflected in your commitment to student learning. With my very best wishes for success, Sincerely, Barb Perry


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