19. The Beloveds (Maureen Lindley)

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 8.29.55 AMThanks to Simon&Shuster for sharing this Advanced Reader Copy  (ARC) through a Goodreads Giveaway.  The Beloveds was another palate-cleansing, quick read before I get back to focusing on the Canada Reads short-list.

Set in England, it tells the story of an older sibling with a lifetime of grudges against her “beloved” sister who she had perceived as her mother’s favourite.  Everyone loved Gloria and things always had a way of always working out for her.  She ended up closer to Betty’s best friend, married the man that she felt she should have wed and now, the ultimate shocker, the family home had been bequeathed to her sister and her husband to enjoy.

Betty is spiteful and “things” happen around her as she schemes to get the home back into her hands so that she can restore it to its’ former glory.  The character descriptions were very strong and the reader was left with a very vivid picture of Betty and her nastiness.  The author’s work as a psychotherapist would have assisted in these descriptions and devious scenarios.

Although psychological thrillers are not my typical genres, it is a book that keeps the readers turning the pages.  I did find the scenes in London seem a bit disconnected and a distraction from the country storyline near the end and not wanting to share any spoilers, I will cease comments.  It is not that I need things to end with all the loose ends tied up but I was hoping for greater resolution.  Overall, the book was enjoyable but it feels like I am left wondering what happens next?

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