16. The Woman in the Window (A.J. Finn)

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.32.22 AMAfter meeting A.J. Finn at a Harper Collins event a couple of weeks ago, I held off reading The Woman in the Window as I wanted the story to be “fresh” in my mind for book club.  This novel is a psychologic thriller which centres around the life of Anna Fox, a psychologist, unable to venture out of her New York home due to her agoraphobia.  Her husband and daughter no longer live with her and she engages with her neighbours through a pattern of voyeurism and spying via social media.

Anna spends her days watching black and white movies, paying chess and helping others through an agoraphobia website.  Her psychologist and physiotherapist attend appointments in her home and the downstairs tenant assists her with errands.  A new family moves in next door and when she witnesses a violent act, no one believes the sad, wine drinking woman with mental health problems.

Canadian author, Louise Penny describes the book as “an absolutely gripping thriller”.  The story provides a glimpse into the mental health challenges experienced through trauma and is an entertaining read.  It was inspired by the film Rear Window which debuted in 1954 with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly which I am now planning to watch.

This “hard to put down” novel was suggested to our book club by Robyn Harding and should spark entertaining discussion.  Interestingly, when we got out books signed and mentioned Robyn Harding, this American author immediately mentioned her book, The Party.

Wondering about A.J. Finn?  It turns out, according to the Globe and Mail review, that A.J. Finn is a pseudonym for Daniel Mallory, who was an executive editor at William Morrow publishing, an imprint of Harper Collins. He is a fan of mysteries, black and white movies and shared his own challenges with his mental health.

A.J. Finn’s first novel has become a New York Times Best Seller and we can look forward to the film adaptation of The Woman in the Window.  It was a great, palate-cleansing read for the long weekend and I am looking forward to book club!

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2 Responses to 16. The Woman in the Window (A.J. Finn)

  1. Sharon McKenna says:

    Sounds like the plot of a movie with Sigourney Weaver.


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