Roz Nay: Different Drummer Books

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 11.15.22 AMAs I catch up on author event posts from 2017, I can’t forget an eventing spent with Roz Nay and Robin Harding at the charming Different Drummer Books in Burlington.  The two West Coast authors complimented each other and the small crowd provided an intimate setting for questions and discussion.

Our Little Secret was Nay’s first book.  I love visualizing her writing at the kitchen table, in the midst of lego, glitter and craft supplies.  After moving to Canada, her husband signed her up for a writing course so that she could “do something just for you”.  The story began as a 1000 word writing assignment and the end result was Our Little Secret.

Working 4 days a week as a clerical assistant in child protection, she gets up at 0500 hours to write for two hours before getting into mom-mode and later heading to the office. She described herself as a bit of a “drifter” who had travelled and snowboarded in her younger days.  She had no clear direction but had a habit of writing things down in a journal which is now finding its way into her writing.

Our Little Secret is a psychological thriller told from a police interrogation room.  The unreliable main character takes you on a journey through a nostalgic, meandering story returning back to high school and university.

What is next?  Roz has just completed edits for a second thriller which will be published in the fall of 2018.  It features two sisters, bound by a tragic event, and deals with the question of how far they will go to protect each other.  Her professional experience in child protection influenced the storyline which includes a missing child.

Nay becomes totally engrossed in her writing and does not read for several months at a time.  I always love to know what authors are currently reading and she recommended:

I left the event with a signed copy and it was hard to put down Our Little Secret until the mystery was solved.  It was inspiring to think of Nay writing while busy raising her young family and I look forward to her second novel.

Thanks to Ian at Different Drummer Books who brings in interesting authors and hosts a number of author events in the Burlington area!

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