8. The Line Painter (Claire Cameron)

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.03.13 AMPrior to meeting Claire Cameron at the Grimsby Author Series, I prepared by reading all 3 of her novels including The Line Painter, The Bear and The Last Neanderthal.  All 3 of these novels are very unique in their both their story line and their narration.

The Line Painter was Claire Cameron’s first novel.  It is a quick read, a thriller set in Northern Ontario along Lake Superior.  What could be worse than driving a lonely, northern road, in the wee hours of the morning when your car breaks down?  Not only that but your cell reception is spotty and your bladder is full!  Carrie has fled her job, her home and is trying to escape her grief after her boyfriend was killed in an accident.  Imagine her relief (and fear) when a truck pulls up to assist.

Her rescuer is Frank, who takes his job as a line painter seriously.  His truck slowly travels North repainting the lines on the road.  Carrie’s apprehension turns to fear as she learns more about the line painter.

It is hard to give any more details without a spoiler so I will suggest that you give this book a try.  It will draw you in and is hard to put down without finishing it to the end.  It is a book that I read in an evening and a future blog post will describe the evening meeting Claire Cameron.

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