99. The Christmas Tree (David Adams Richards)

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 4.07.24 PMIn these two short stories, David Adams Richards, weaves stories of Christmas that bring readers back to a simpler time.  They combine the wonder of boys, days spent the outdoors and the joy of the Christmas season.

In the first story, Carmichael’s Dog, the boys find a cute puppy, its’ tail frozen into a snow bank.  They rescue it, bring it home and plan to hide it as a Christmas surprise for their mom.

The second tale describes the blustery, December weather of New Brunswick as the brothers head out in an old car to find the perfect Christmas tree.  The weather worsens and they realize their planning is incomplete when they find the optimal tree.

Both stories are heartwarming, set in New Brunswick and have happy endings.  They are easier to read than the despair of Mercy Among the Children yet share the same sense of hope and resilience that David Adams Richards describes.

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