96. Our Little Secret (Roz Nay)

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 9.14.55 PMAfter reading a lot of CanLit, it was time to read another palate cleanser – something lighter, something suspenseful.  Our Little Secret was a page turner that I learned about at an author event at A Different Drummer Books.  It was a quick read with interesting, well developed characters.

The entire story is told from a police interrogation room.  Angela is being questioned by Detective Novak and she slowly feeds him bits of her past life, love and betrayal as she tells the story leading up to a wife and mother who had gone missing.  As she shares her history, the reader struggles to understand if she is weaving a web of lies or is an innocent suspect.

This is Roz Nay’s first novel, written at her kitchen table amongst lego, glitter and crafts.  I appreciated hearing that it grew from a writing assignment into a novel.

It is hard to give more details in the review as I certainly want to avoid spoilers but look for a future blog post about the Burlington author event.

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3 Responses to 96. Our Little Secret (Roz Nay)

  1. I love that she wrote among random Lego pieces 🙂 Sounds like a good read.


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