91. Zero Waste Home (Bea Johnson)

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 8.24.44 AMOne of my goals, this year, was to listen to more books during my commutes.  I find that listening to non-fiction is sometimes a bit easier than complicated storylines with multiple characters.  If it is too detailed, I find it hard to listen in the car as I get distracted thinking about other things.  Zero Waste Home was an insightful book with many helpful tips for reducing the garbage that is put out to the curb.

The author has been able to reduce the waste that her family throws out to one litre!  She provides many tips and recipes for reducing, reusing, recycling and rotting (composting).  She inspires the reader to make due with less and to focus on experiences rather than stuff.  I am not sure that one litre of garbage is attainable for our house but I am working on significantly reducing our trash as we seek to simplify and adopt some practices of minimalism (NOT related to BOOKs, of course).

What have I changed?  I started by going through my closet, donating clothes that arena good shape but no longer my size and things that I just don’t wear.  Three bags later, my closet is easier to manage!  My mom shared some hankies so we are using less tissues for our hereditary drippy noses although I have to admit that I will be reverting to tissues for colds!  I am committed to reconsidering my paper towel habit after our costco size package is done.  I have stopped the junk mail from being delivered and am working towards litterless lunches… I need to break the ziplock bag habit.  We are already a composting and recycling family but I have bought some mason jars and will try and take them the bulk store, reducing the plastic bags that many items are packaged in.

We can all make a difference to our impact on this earth and I would encourage others to be inspired by this book!

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