83. Beneath the Wake (Ross Pennie)

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 1.05.42 PMHave you ever thought about what happens when people die on a cruise ship?  Would you have considered that cruise ships are equipped with morgues?  Would you think that there is the possibility of a burial at sea?  Death on a cruise ship is a sad reality and something that must be dealt with miles away from land, in warm climates where it is essential to keep bodies refrigerated until reaching port.

Ross Pennie has introduced the reader to a whole other side of cruising in his latest novel, Beneath the Wake.  Dr. Zol Szabo makes his fourth appearance as he seeks some rest and relaxation with his girlfriend and son aboard a cruise ship in the Indian Ocean.  Of course, as they sail off into their vacation, crew members turn up dead starting a drama filled trip which leaves respite in its’ wake.  The ship doctor, in a panic, seeks out Zol’s assistance determining the cause of the deadly microbes.

Again, the reader is treated to mystery, intrigue and some education as they learn about infectious diseases, rare reptiles and life on a cruise ship.

Watch for future blog posts about the launch of Beneath the Wake (June 2017)and an overview of our book club meeting where we were privileged to have Ross attend (October 2017) and share insights about this book, his own experience cruising and his writing.

If you are interested in this book, please purchase your copy in the gift shop of the Brantford General Hospital site of the Brant Community Health Care System, where proceeds will support local health care.

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