Cross-Canada Reading Challenge

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Throughout the summer, I participated in a Cross-Canada Reading Challenge.  You might wonder what the appeal to reading books across Canada is and I can say that I picked up (and enjoyed) some books that I may not have ever come across. It required a bit of research and planning but was a fun “virtual” trip across Canada as we celebrated Canada’s sesquicentennial.

Here is the final list of books that I enjoyed:

British Columbia:   Keeper’n Me by Richard Wagamese

Alberta:  The Outlander (Gil Adamson)

Saskatchewan:  Juliet in August (Dianne Warren)

Manitoba:  The Fire-Dwellers (Margaret Laurence)

Ontario:  The Weekend Effect (Katrina Onstad)

Quebec:  The Tin Flute (Gabrielle Roy)

New Brunswick:  The Town that Drowned (Riel Nason)

Nova Scotia:  The Piano Maker (Kurt Palka)

Prince Edward Island:  Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside (L.M. Montgomery)

Newfoundland:  Kit’s Law (Donna Morrissey)

Nunavut:  Consumption (Kevin Patterson)

North West Territory:  The Lesser Blessed (VanCamp)

Yukon:  Drifting Home (Pierre Berton)

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6 Responses to Cross-Canada Reading Challenge

  1. Naomi says:

    I think this would be a lot of fun! You picked some great books!

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  2. Ah, it’s inspiring to see someone complete this reading challenge…one day I’ll get it done 😛

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