65. I Found You (Lisa Jewell)

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 9.09.20 AMI Found You was our  “summer read” selection for book club in August.  It is the 13th mystery written by Lisa Jewell and begins when a harried single mom finds a lost man sitting on the beach outside her cottage.  He has no idea his name or anything about himself.  Without thinking about her safety, or that of her three children, she invites him into her hectic home and helps him try to recover his memories and find himself

At the same time, a young woman’s husband does not come home.  she is living in London, far away from her family whens she learns, from the police, that her husband is a man who never existed.  These two stories intertwine as the reader also learns about a family vacation which ended in tragedy many years ago.

Before our book club discussion, it was interesting to learn that Jewell had become an author, in 1999, after her friend challenged her to write a few chapters in exchange for dinner at her favourite restaurant.  She had just lost her job in retail and those first three chapters became Ralph’s Party, her first novel.

This was a perfect book for the beach, the cottage or a sunny day when a reader wants to get lost in a quick read.  It was a great palate cleansing book and I think it would make a great movie!  It is a quick read, full of suspense and the loose ends get tied up at the end.

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