33. The Two-Family House (Lynda Cohen Loigman)

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.02.24 PMIt was a snowy night in 1947, Brooklyn.  Sister-in-law’s, Helen and Rose, are home alone with their children while their husbands are stranded on a business trip, due to the storm.  The two expectant mothers go into early labour and as they cannot travel to deliver in hospital are lucky to be cared for by a local midwife.  Two babies are born that night – a boy and a girl – and the family drama intensifies.

This audio book tells the tale of two families who share the same home.  The sister-in-law’s were close.  They helped each other, spent time together and cared for their children together until that night…

After the babies were born, the dynamics changed.  Helen and Rose shared a secret which should have bonded them yet tore them apart as they raised their families.  The business expanded, the children grew older, finished school and married yet the women struggled with their relationship.

The book was entertaining during my commutes.  Although the secret was not a big surprise, the struggles of this family kept the reader engaged.  It was a light and easy read, perfect for the audio format.

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