How to Increase your Reading

Inspired by the article, 8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year, by Neil Pasricha it made me consider the frequency of times that my friends, family and blog followers ask how I read as much as I do.  This motivated me to create my own Top 10 Ways to increase your reading and share it with followers of the blog.

Since I was a young girl, I have always been the reader who checks out way too many books to read in a week, the one who’s vehicle wants to turn automatically toward bookstores and the one who can’t help but notice what others are reading in waiting rooms, on the pool deck or on the train.  Books have always been fascinating and take me away to another place, expanding my mind, challenging my thinking and keeping me engaged and entertained!

After taking a hiatus from reading fiction while I studied and read amazing books on leadership, change management and influence, I read like a fiend.  After I graduated and could take the risk of picking up a novel without worrying that I would neglect my studies, I devoured books, one after another.  As my loyal readers know, my first year of blogging in 2014, I had set a goal of reading one book a week and I have been steadily surpassing this original goal.  This year, I have set my goal to read 125 books which is a stretch goal but one that I am committed too.

Here are my 10 Tips to Increase Your Reading:

  1. Turn off the television – although the TV might be on in the background with annoying SpongeBob or cartoons, I watch very little TV.  It is time better spent to pick up a book and jump into the chapters and intrigue of another character.
  2. Always have a book in your bag, in your car, in the family room, on your bedside table so that when you have a few minutes, it is easy to get some reading done.
  3. Use time wisely, if you are waiting for an appointment, read a few pages while you wait instead of mindlessly reviewing the latest Facebook tweet or post.  If you are a carpool mom or dad, have a  book to read while you wait for those slow kids to get to the car.
  4. Add e-books to your phone, if somehow, you are caught waiting without a book, there is a book waiting for you.  I don’t like reading on technology before bed but am happy to get in a few chapters from a screen during the day.
  5. End your day with a book!  What a relaxing way to finish a busy day.  Read until you can’t keep your eyes open… although I know that this can be an issue when you are so close to finishing but know you have an early morning.  If you have seen me bleary eyed, you might suspect that I have been caught up with  great book into the wee hours of the morning!
  6. Join a book club!  I am so happy to be part of a book club with a wonderful group of women who love reading.  This inspires us all to read books that might be outside our comfort zone and gets us out once a month, sharing our reviews, other books that we are reading and spending time together outside of our usual routine. We just finished enjoying discussion about the books from Canada Reads 2017 and are going to read short stories by the late Stuart McLean in May.
  7. Download audiobooks from the library for your commutes.  This is a great way to make use of time in the car and there are some great narrators that can share a story in a way that is a bit different than reading a book.  I find that YA and non-fiction are my favourites while I drive.  Right now, I am enjoying Lion by Saroo Brierly.
  8. Read the book reviews in magazines or the newspaper if you are looking for more book suggestions.  This is not only a great way to be inspired by new books but can also share opportunities for book events.
  9. Wander through a second hand store and find literary treasures – it still amazes me what people donate (me being a book hoarder that has trouble parting with books)!
  10. Borrow from a local Little Free Library.  This is a great way to share books with your community and gives you an opportunity to read and discuss books with neighbours.  The Franklin Street LFL is accompanied by a FB page which provides links to my blog and book suggestions.
  11. Ok, I did say ten suggestions but I also need to suggest attending an author event.  This has been a great way to gain additional insights into beloved books, ask questions, meet authors, get books signed and also helps me read outside my comfort zone since I like to read the book before attending.

Overall, it does not matter what you read, but pick up a book!  Get lost in its pages.  Enjoy the story, dog ear the corners if you must (not on my books though!!) and enjoy a book.  Set a goal and set an example for your family by turning off the technology and turning on your imagination!

What are your suggestions to sneak in reading time?  What are you reading?

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7 Responses to How to Increase your Reading

  1. Naomi says:

    I don’t think I have anything to add to your list – as a mother, I have many of the same tricks as you. When the kids were little, sometimes I would spend extra time in the bathroom until someone noticed I was missing. 🙂
    #9 is my favourite! I love perusing used books stores!

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  2. I really enjoyed this post!! I discovered audiobooks last year, and they have really stepped up my reading game! Last year I read 36 audiobooks… that is 36 EXTRA books I would not have read had I not discovered audiobooks.

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