Who is looking forward to Canada Reads?


Canada Reads is quickly approaching.  The CBC site has a lot of great content posted here and there is much discussion about the 5 books that are competing to be the one book that all Canadian’s should read.

Which books have you read?  What do you think?  Which book has your vote for the one book that Canadian’s should read?

I am still reading and need to finish the Right to be Cold, start The Break and reread Fifteen Dogs.  I have completed Company Town and Nostalgia and really hope to have all 5 done before the debates begin.

CBC Canada Reads does a wonderful thing for Canadian literature.  We might not all love every book but this event not only promotes and sells CanLit but it gets people reading and talking!  Thanks to the CBC, The Franklin Street Little Free Library has a set for borrowing.  I am hoping that each reader will sign their name in the front before returning the book so that we can see how many readers enjoy these novels.

For anyone interested in lively discussion about the books and the debate, check out the Canadian Content group on Goodreads where there is specific discussion of The Break (the group read for March) and in general about the debate and all the books.

Get reading Canada!!  Tune in to the debates… and maybe, if you watch carefully you will spy me in the audience at the final debate next Thursday!!

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2 Responses to Who is looking forward to Canada Reads?

  1. Naomi says:

    Good luck getting your reading done! 🙂


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