Canada Reads

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-6-31-55-pmWho is joining me to read the five books being debated for the CBC’s 2017 Canada Reads?  The debates begin a month from tomorrow and the books are a diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction including:

  • Fifteen Dogs ( written by Andre Alexis and defended by Humble the Poet who is an author, rapper and spoken word artist)
  • Company Town (written by Madeline Ashby and defended by Tamara Taylor also known as Dr. Saroyan on the television show Bones)
  • The Right to be Cold (written by Sheila Watt-Cloutier and defended by singer and song-writer Chantal Kreviazuk)
  • Nostalgia (written by M.G. Vassanji and defended by Joey Mitic who lost both legs below the knee after stepping on a mine in Afghanistan, returning to participate in the Amazing Race and who currently is a city councillor in Ottawa)
  • The Break (written by Katherena Vermette and defended by comedian and broadcaster Candy Palmater)

Are you going to read all five?  Which book do you think will win?  Which book do you think most fits the theme of the one book that Canadian’s need now?  Who do you think the strongest defender will be?  Which book will be crowned the one book that Canadians need now?

These books might not be the typical books that you would pull off the shelves but it is a great opportunity to read outside your comfort zones and join other Canadians discussing and celebrating CanLit!



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5 Responses to Canada Reads

  1. Naomi says:

    I’ve read The Break, Company Town and Fifteen Dogs. I’m half way through Nostalgia, but haven’t yet read The Right To Be Cold. At this point I’m thinking the books that bet fit the theme are The Break and The Right to be Cold (even though I still haven’t read it). Looking forward to the discussions – I’m often swayed by them. But sometimes I’m not.
    What do you think?


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