12. Still Mine (Amy Stuart)

screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-6-34-37-pm“What happens if you vanish from your life and leave no story behind?  Someone will make one up for you.”

Are you looking for thriller that you can’t put down?  A book that you can finish in one day?  A book that takes place over 8 days packed with drama, suspense and secrets?  A book that leaves you pondering and disappointed that you have reached the end?  A book that is written by a Canadian author?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, pick up a copy of Still Mine, the debut by author Amy Stuart.

Clare escapes her life leaving an abusive husband, her family and her secrets behind.  She starts a new life in Blackmore, a remote mining town that is dealing with the mysterious disappearance of Shayna Fowles.  She is met with curiosity, contempt and questions as she moves into an abandoned trailer on the property of Blackmore’s notorious drug dealer.  She introduces herself as a photographer, a cover that the residents doubt from the beginning yet it is not clear what her connection is to Shayna.

As she gets to know the residents of Blackmore and learns about the history of the mine disaster ,which devastated the community, she has more questions about Shayna’s disappearance.  She meets Shayna’s parents – the father who is bitter and angry and the mother who is suffering from dementia.  She meets the ex-husband and gets to know the drug dealer and his girlfriend as she assimilates into the community.

It is hard to share much more without giving aways spoilers.  I picked up this novel in preparation for the Grimsby Author Series and was not sure that I would be able to finish the book on Sunday.  It might have been a late night, but I did finish and glad that I read the book prior to the book event (which will be my next post).  I love the sinister mist depicted on the cover and appreciated the fir trees that defined each day of the story.  Thrillers are not always my go to genre but I really enjoyed Amy Stuart’s book and will eagerly watch for the sequel!

“Sometimes I dream of my escape…”

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