3. The Legend of Zippy Chippy (William Thomas)

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-7-35-28-am“Winners don’t always finish first”

Zippy Chippy was given the unusual opportunity to lose 100 races.  Most owners would never have supported this number of races but Felix Monserrate was an optimist who loved the enthusiasm of this ornery horse.  Although he did not place first – ever, he was a leader who amassed a fan club and shared lessons of the love of the race and the learning through failure.

How did Zippy gain such a fan base?

“The unswerving fortitude of a horse that keeps on going after so many disappointments had become an ongoing source of endearment for many who themselves had been smacked down in life”.

The book ends with life lessons from Zippy including:

“Do no take failure to heart.  Failure is not coming in second.  Failure is refusing to show up for the next race to give yourself a chance to come first.”

“Most important of all, be yourself.  There is and forever will be only one Zippy Chippy.  Like thumbprints and snowflakes, you are uniquely you.  And we are all more like Zippy than we would care to admit.”

“The man who wins is the man who thinks he can”.

Zippy is enjoying his retirement but sadly, Felix Monserrate has since passed away.  For more details about the book and the author event see this post about the Grimsby Author series.

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