114. Embers (Richard Wagamese)

screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-11-23-16-pmAnyone who has been following my blog this year will know that I am a big fan of Richard Wagamese.  After reading The Medicine Walk, I could not wait to read more of his work including Indian Horse, Ragged Company and One Native Life.  This author writes beautiful fiction that makes readers really think about important issues such as residential schools, the importance of family, homelessness and substance abuse.

The Embers:  One Ojibway’s Meditations is a unique book.  Along with beautiful photography, Wagamese shares his own meditations and learnings from elders.  Intertwined with the art and words the reader will understand the author as he shares an intimate side of himself.

It is a book to ponder on, to reread and to savour.  He has been so generous to share his beautiful words and sentiments with readers.  After reading through the entire book, I think that I will pick it up daily and read one page each day to concentrate on his words.  It will help me to reflect on my own happiness, positive outlook and how I can start help make the world a better place.

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