108. The Immortal Nicholas (Glenn Beck)

screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-9-53-55-amAs I continue my holiday reading challenge, I borrowed The Immortal Nicholas from the library.  It is a story of hope and giving which the author wrote to help his children consider the meaning of Christmas rather than focusing on Santa and presents.

The story began with Agios (the Greek word for saint) who was reeling from the loss of his wife and stillborn child.   He sought wealth through frankincense and experienced another loss while gathering the frankincense from the snake filled trees.  He walked away from his life, met men who were gathering gifts for the new king that was to be born and he ended up protecting them on their journey, following the North Star.

Agios lived a life parallel to Jesus.  He witnessed him as a babe in the manger, followed him during his travels and kept him safe from a distance.  He was profoundly changed after he witnessed his death on the cross.  He tried to end his own life and realized that he had become immortal.  He met another young boy (Nicholas) and through his teaching learned the value of giving.

This was an interesting story which makes me want to research St. Nicholas to understand how much of this story was unique to Glenn Beck and how much has already been written.  It makes the reader refocus on giving and serving others at a time of year when we are wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holidays.

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