Marshall Goldsmith: Art of Leadership

img_1728After a very busy couple of weeks, here is the last review related to the Art of Leadership Conference that I attended October 21st.  The final speaker of the day was Marshall Goldsmith, the author or editor of 35 books which have sold over 2 million copies in 30 languages!  He has had the experience of talking and teaching for over 40 years and laughed that he has obtained over 11 million frequent flyer miles during his travel to 97 countries.  He chuckled that his book Triggers as well as What Got You Here Won’t Get You There are on the Amazon Top 100 best Leadership and Success books list and that it is “nice to write a book that someone bought other than my parents”.

Goldsmith is happy to share his work and make a difference to others.  It is refreshing to know that he is fine with his teachings to be copied or duplicated in any way since “we are all going to be equally dead so we can do a little good here”.  He shared that we tell ourselves “the wonderful story of the person we want to be” yet the gyms are empty be February and talked a little about the internal vs. external locus of control and fate vs. choice encouraging the audience to take charge and get the “help and structure to achieve our goals”.

Goldsmith said that 30 years ago, no “CEO would admit to having an executive coach” but he is proud that people are no longer ashamed to admit that they are learning and growing with the assistance of a coach.  The view of coaching is changing from “fixing losers to helping winners”.  There is nothing to be ashamed of when asking for help!

He talked about the dream of being incredibly busy with work and home pressures, overcommitted, feeling out of control yet thinking that the worst will be over soon and THEN we will take on that healthy life program.  The audience was nodding their heads when he had us repeat “Hi my name is _____ and it is always going to be crazy!”  He discussed how the bestselling diet book had sold 10 million copies yet we don’t lose weight by buying books.  We tend to say “today is a special day” and plan on eating better tomorrow.  Again, what we need is “help and structure to achieve our goals”.

Goldsmith suggested to “everyday give a focus on what you can change” and had the participants consider what might be important on our deathbeds saying that “we only regret the risk we fail to take”. He assigned homework to the group to start a spreadsheet , write out goals in the form of questions and start filling out your report card with yes/no/or a # every day.  He, himself receives a phone call each day asking him these questions and keeping him accountable.

His final 3 pieces of advice were:

  1. Be happy now
  2. Spend time with family and friends
  3. Go for your dreams, life is short have fun and do what you can to help people

Goldsmith was an inspiring final speaker at the amazing Art of Leadership Conference in Toronto.  His humour and encouragement was appreciated at the end of a day full of advice, inspiration, humour and sharing.   Although I have not quite gotten to reading my signed copies of Triggers, it is in my growing to be read pile and I am looking forward to it!

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