Guest Post by Erin: Fate of Flames (Sarah Raughley)

dsc_0158When the phantoms began terrorizing the world there were four girls to save it. Each one with an elemental power. As one dies another one is chosen in a never-ending chain of links. Maia Finley is chosen as the next fire Effigy (successor of the great Natalya Filipova). She must bring together the other three Effigies to take down Saul (a mysterious male, who has similar powers of the four Effigies and more).

While battling phantoms and being a celebrity, Maia has to deal with her haunting past and make tough decisions regarding the Sect and Aidan Rhys (a boy who may be more to her than just a Sect agent). Will Maia be able to handle her duties as an Effigy and stay strong throughout it all? Find out in the action packed, humorous, sci-fi fantasy novel known as Fate of Flames.

Sarah Raugley’s Fate of Flames was maybe one of the best books I’ve ever read. It kept me on edge throughout its entirety. With the right amount of action, secrets, surprises and humor. I couldn’t put it down. Most books start off dull, and become more interesting as the story line progress’s. For the first book in the Effigy series that was not the case, I was hooked from the get go. With all the characters being diverse and relatable.

If you are going to give this book a try I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say that the cliffhanger in the end got me frustrated. I just wanted to know what was to happen next; screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-9-47-32-pmbut a good novel always keeps you hanging on even after the last chapter. This is exactly what Fate of Flames did to me.

I cannot wait until the second novel is released. It is definitely a series anyone who likes action/sci-fi fantasy books should read. I will surely be reading the next book.

Congratulations to Sarah, this is only her second published novel and although I haven’t read Feather Bound, I will definitely be adding it to my reading list.

Overall this book was amazing and it comes greatly recommended from your favourite thirteen-year-old reader!

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for providing this Advance Reader Copy for an honest review!

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4 Responses to Guest Post by Erin: Fate of Flames (Sarah Raughley)

  1. Brenda says:

    Nice review Erin.

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  2. Great job, Erin. I’ll pick up a copy for Elise.

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