September Back to School Reading Challenge

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 7.39.49 AMIt may have been many years since we have been in highschool but in celebration of getting the kids back to school or getting back into the routine of September, I am challenging you to read books like you are in high school!  This is the September reading challenge for the CanadianContent Goodreads group and I am hoping that a few of my blog followers will take on this challenge and comment on your reads here on this site.  The challenge runs from September 1 to 30th and includes:

  1. A book that you read in highschool (for discussion, did you appreciate it any more/less; read it from a different perspective; should it still be part of the curriculum).
  2. A book that you wish you had read in highschool (this can be a book that other classes read or one that you think should be added to the curriculum which is timely in Ontario as the Ministry of Education is trying to add more Canadian content).
  3. A Shakespeare play (definitely not a Canadian pick but Shakespeare has been read for generations in Canadian schools. Why not read a play and get tickets to see it in action afterwards – Macbeth is currently playing in Stratford?)
  4. A banned book (the monthly pick for the CanadianContent Goodreads group is the Diviners but there are many other “banned” books to choose from).

Please feel free to add your comments below as you read books for the September Back to School Challenge!!

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5 Responses to September Back to School Reading Challenge

  1. What a great idea for a challenge! I will be looking forward to seeing your selections.


  2. Naomi says:

    This sounds like fun! Looking forward to following along, and, if time permits, joining in! I’ll have to think about what I would choose…

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