CBC’s Candy Palmater Show

I had the absolute privilege to be interviewed on the Candy Palmater show yesterday at the CBC studios in Toronto.  The Candy Show is a new radio program with a dynamic host who is described on the CBC website as “a recovered lawyer turned feminist comic who was raised by bikers in the wilds of northern New Brunswick. She is an activist, actor, writer, international speaker, and award-winning TV and radio personality”.  Candy frequently talks about her love of reading and I was invited to talk about my love of books and my Franklin Street Little Free Libraries.

Candy is an engaging presence.  She immediately put me at ease as we had a quick chat, in studio as a song finished.  We quickly discovered that we share a passionate love of reading!  We spoke about Anne of Green Gables, a Canadian classic that we both love and Into Thin Air, a memoir written by Jon Krakauer about his ill-fated Mount Everest climb which resulted in the death of 8 climbers.  She joked that she is fascinated by rock climbing even though her wife says she doesn’t even like to go on a walk, let alone climb!  The conversation included my childhood experience with books, which I credit to my Mom and my Grandma Davison, and to whether my own family enjoys reading.  The interview also included discussion about the Little Free Libraries which my Dad built last year.  I have to admit that I struggled with the question of which one book that I was looking forward to reading over the summer, despite having a very large TBR pile, it was difficult to focus on just one read!

It was a great day that I could share with my mom who joined me on the trip into Toronto.  She was able to listen from the control room and see the production end of the interview.  The interview flew by as it really felt like a book chat between just Candy and I despite the fact that it was live and broadcast on CBC radio 1 and Sirius Radio 169.  The time flew by although the interview was over 11 minutes long.

As many of you know, I have a “list” of fascinating authors that I would love to have lunch with (reminiscent of the “lists” on the sitcom Friends).   I am now adding this energizing radio host to my “list” and am thankful to have had this opportunity to share my love of reading on my favourite radio station!


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6 Responses to CBC’s Candy Palmater Show

  1. Brenda Turvey says:

    It was a fun day for me too Susan. You spoke so eloquently and passionately. I’m very proud to be your Mom.


  2. but then you are a little bit biased!!! I am glad you could come along!!!


  3. Dean Turvey says:

    I enjoyed listening to your interview on CBC Susan.


  4. Thanks Uncle Dean – it was a very fun day!!!


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