32. Moonlight Over Paris (Jennifer Robson)

51SqRZdeWUL._SL160_Moonlight Over Paris kept me company during my commutes this week.  It is the third novel by Canadian author Jennifer Robson.  This historical fiction describes Paris during the time after the war when artists and authors congregated in Paris.

This first novel Somewhere in France told the tale of Lady Elizabeth who despite misgivings from her parents joins the women of World War I who risk their lives driving ambulances.  As she works, she corresponds with her brother Edward’s best friend Robbie.  There is connection with the second novel, After the War, which narrates the life of Charlotte who works as a political aid and newspaper correspondent.  She had been Lady Elizabeth’s nanny and fell in love with Edward.  He was in a loveless relationship and engaged to Lady Helena with pressure from his aristocratic family.

Moonlight Over Paris begins after the Great War.  Lady Helena has just recovered from a life-threatening illness and convinces her protective parents permit her to start fresh in France.  She leaves the gossip about her broken engagement from Edward behind and follows her dream of going to art school discarding her titles and blending with other students.  In Paris she  meets an interesting group of friends and even crosses paths with the Hemingways and the Fitzgeralds in a time of drinking and parties.  She develops a friendship with an American man who spend time with Helena and her friends.

I abandoned the audio book to read the last part and wished that I had read the entire book as this is prose that is meant to be read.  I think that I have been spoiled for audio books after listening to The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto which is the best audio book that I have ever heard.  The novel was well researched and shared an interesting part of the history of France making me want to visit the sites that are described.

After meeting many Canadian authors this year, I am hoping that Jennifer Robson visits Southwestern Ontario soon as I have books for signing and would love to hear more about her research and writing process!!

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