Author Event: Katherine Govier

IMG_7181Katherine Govier, author of the newly released The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel was the second speaker at the Grimsby Author Series yesterday.  I have only just begun this novel spanning 3 generations and 100 years of Rocky Mountain history and am looking forward to finishing it.  Govier described it as a “book I have wanted to write for many, many years”  and that “it was a novel that a was begging to be written”.

The novel tells of a time when a “mixed bag of people” came to the Rockies and together, they had to form a society.  The novel is based on a real family that gets lost in the mountains leaving a 12 year old daughter behind.  The author shared that the inspiration was how an unlikely marriage affected 3 generations.

In the novel there were 2 characters that were historical individuals blended with the fictional characters.  These 2 characters had stories that “were so amazing that you could not make them up”.   I look forward to learning more about Chief Buffalo Longhands (who touted himself as a blood Indian and later was unmasked for not being full blood) and Minnie from Wales who had hired guides to help her with her butterfly collection as they are introduced in the novel.

Look for a future post about The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel.

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4 Responses to Author Event: Katherine Govier

  1. You have been busy meeting authors lately!

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  2. Love your blog. You inspire me to read more. Great photos of you.

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  3. Kim Mitchell says:

    Sounds like a very interesting book. I do not know much about the history in Alberta, so I look forward to adding it to my book list, and I have recommended it to a friend.

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