9. Owls in the Family (Farley Mowat)

51QHN8GNH0L._SL160_My son and I finished a Canadian classic today.  I am trying to read more Canadian content this year and his siblings had all recommended this story.  Owls in the Family was a great book to read together and the author shared some of his own experiences keeping wild animals as pets in this story.  The tale is about two great horned owls, Wol and Weep, who were rescued and began living with a family in Saskatoon.

Wol was orphaned after a big storm destroyed his nest.  The boys rescued him and he quickly became part of a human family.  It seemed that Wol did not even realize that he was an owl and thought that he was a person.  He not only walked instead of flying, in the beginning, but also made himself at home in the family’s house.

Wol ended up with an owl friend when some boys were abusing a baby owl by throwing stones at him in the bottom of a barrel.  This poor little owl was very frightened and remained timid, never learning to fly but becoming part of the family as well.  The boys and the owls shared many adventures including the time a dead skunk was delivered into the dining room and a calamitous animal parade contest.

The story is a great Canadian classic written by Farley Mowat who had written 19 books selling 17 million copies in 52 different languages.  He died in 2014 just before his 93rd birthday.  I reviewed Lost in the Barrens in 2014 and enjoyed it as well.  I think my son and I should read Never Cry Wolf next.  It is a book that I had read in grade 7 or 8 and the class had enjoyed it.

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