1. A Recipe for Bees (Gail Anderson-Dargatz)

51OM5oRZBdL._SL160_My first book read (or at least finished) in 2016 was A Recipe for Bees.  This story shared the experience of Augusta, an elderly woman, waiting to hear the results of her son-in-law’s surgery while she reflects on past and present relationships.  As she remembers past struggles, she  thinks of the comfort and enjoyment she had when following her mother’s  footsteps as a bee keeper.

Augusta had dealt with a fair bit of loss at a young age, including her mother and newborn sister.  She was married young to a farmer (Karl) who was controlled by his miserable father.  The young couple had very limited time together and shared little tenderness sending Augusta to find closeness elsewhere.

Augusta had strained relationships with both her husband and daughter through the years but as she reflected, she came to see the positive aspects that they had shared.  As they all waited for news of the surgery, they came together and recognized the love they had for each other.

This was a “sweet” story and the facts about bees, their hives and beekeeping were interesting.  I had not realized how the mood of the beekeeper could impact the hive (and the number of stings).  Reading this novel has made me think that I should add a re-reading of The Secret Lives of Bees to my 2016 to read pileimages-1

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